Why use body moisturiser?

As millions of users will agree, using body lotion or body butter to moisturise the skin provides many benefits to people who take the time to use it regularly. You have to shower for hygiene purposes, so why not do it the moisturising way – the Soothing Showers way? Moisturise to:

  • Rehydrate dried skin
  • Replenish extra dry or rough spots on your skin
  • Smooth calluses
  • Feel and smell good
  • Help you to relax
  • Soften the roughest parts of your body
  • Make your skin glow

Steps to moisturising the Soothing Showers way:

  1. Take short showers – limit to 5 to 10 minutes and keep the water set at warm, not hot. Whilst showering in hot water feels luxurious it strips the skin of it’s natural oils.
  2. Use a Moisturising Body Wash or Shower Gel – Regular soaps can be too harsh for dry skin and can dehydrate the skin further.
  3. Pat dry, don’t rub – Don’t dry your skin completely after showering, but leave it slightly damp.
  4. Apply moisturizer – Apply body cream or moisturizer to your whole body after showering and before your skin has completely dried. This will help to lock the moisture in to your skin.
  5. Raise the humidity – A humidifier or shallow pan of water near a radiator will help to stop dry, dehydrating air, especially in the winter months.

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