Why Parabens Free?

Parabens are a chemical preservative which is used to prevent bacteria or to stop it from growing. It’s been used in cosmetics since the 1950s and occurs naturally in some fruits such as blueberries. Experiments using parabens on mice raised concerns that it may disrupt the hormone system, cause cancer and lead to infertility. However, not all experts agree on the research findings and a number of well-known manufacturers continue to use parabens, albeit in limited amounts.

At Soothing Showers, we have taken the line that until there is positive proof one way or the other that parabens are detrimental to health, it’s better to be on the safe side. So, with you always in our mind, we will not use parabens until there is proof that it is 100% safe.

Soothing Showers produce Paraben free shower gel, body butter, body scrub, body lotion and body wash.